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Animation films broadcast through television advices for responsible consumption for Children

Thursday 11 August 2016, by SIGNIS

Madrid, August 11th, 2016 (Comunication Papers) Animation films or Cartoons on television are considered by many families as ideal babysitters for their children. They think that cartoons are harmless and so they believe they can quietly leave their children for the TV-screen to watch this entertainment. Is that so? In Spain, a study was recently conducted by Inmaculada Sánchez-Labella Martin from the University of Sevilla. She was interested in one aspect of a potential impact: Gender violence.

The study of Sánchez-Labella Martin, published in Spanish by the online magazine Comunication Papers, shows the concern about the effects that gender violence causes on childhood through cartoons. By this reason, the aim of her research was to check if there is gender violence on the most consumed cartoons by children and, if true, she wanted to check if this type of violence is detected by this audience. Taking a sample 1275 students, and fifty chapters of cartoons, including episodes of the American series The Simpsons, the process of investigation is divided on three parts: on the first place, through survey as technique, the children are asked about their favourite cartoons.

On the second place, after knowing their answers, through analysis of content, the representation of characters and the dialogues are analyzed. Finally, after the children saw some chapters, the students have explained if they have detected situations with gender violence. The results showing, on the one hand, that there exist differences between male and female characters, who suffer gender of violence and, on the other hand, that there are more girls than boys that affirm that women aren’t victims of gender violence. So, this study shows that childish audience is immune to such situations and it concludes affirming that children don’t detect this situation because they understand these behaviours as a normal attitude.

Dowload the PDF here.

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