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Big success for a new Malian TV show

Thursday 14 April 2016, by SIGNIS

Bamako, April, 14th, 2016 (Africanews). “A new TV series Taxi Tigui is gaining popularity in Mali, says the Africanews website. The series is about a funny taxi driver who renamed his taxi “F-One” and takes different passengers. It is filmed in Bambara, the main local language in Mali.

Launched in March on national television, it offers three minutes of laughs by mocking the Malian society. “Our characters represent people of all walks of life. The rich, the poor, the villagers, those who talk a lot... The F-One taxi carries almost every type of character,” says Toumani Sangare, one of the producers.

“It is fun. Through this F-One we narrate social happenings. The series therefore portrays what happens in Mali in cultural, economic political aspects. Everything is discussed,” says Koman Diabaté, the main actor.

The feedback from the public has been mainly positive and gives the producers the zeal to do more. “Imported movies no longer interest us. We would like to have resources so as to help young talents. We identify with the series and this helps us to laugh,” says Modibo Haidara, a fan of the show.

Toumani Sangaré adds that it is the first Malian show completely filmed in “incrustation”, a special effect technique which consists of integrating in the same image the images films outside and the ones filmed in studio, on a green screen.

The new series is expected to help increase passion for movies especially as cinema halls are closed. The producers of the TV series are looking forward to export the movies to other countries in the days ahead.

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