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Catholic Media Service is preparing to launch National Catholic TV in Zambia

Monday 29 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Lusaka, Brussels, February 29th, 2016 (Pamela Adinda/AMECEA Online News/SIGNIS). The Catholic Media Service (CMS) of the Zambian Episcopal Conference (ZEC) is edging closer towards the realization of a long term dream to open a National Catholic TV Station. Although the conference received a permit from the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) of Zambia in October 2013, preparations are still underway to have the station ready for launching before end of the year.

Catholic Media Service director, Fr. Winfield Kunda said that they have been carrying out productions of programs which are aired on other TV channels but soon the National TV Station will be launched.

“We recently received some equipment from SIGNIS Rome, which included two video cameras and a video mixer commonly referred to as a sender, a computer and a DVD player. The idea is that when one person is out in the field with one camera, he can coordinate with the other person in the studio to relay recordings,” he explained.

Fr. Kunda said that they are planning to revamp the old studio by adding some more equipment and furnishing it well before they launch broadcasting.

“The existing studio which was being used by Yatsani Productions is what we intend to use for the time being. However, a lot of preparations are yet to be done before we can commence broadcasting,” he said.

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