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First Catholic Social Media Award in the Philippines

Friday 16 October 2015, by SIGNIS

Brussels, Lagunga, October 16th, 2015 (SIGNIS/Rappeler/ucanews) During the 4th Catholic Social Media Summit in Phillipines, a two-day event that aims to teach Catholics how to be responsible users of social media and use it to spread good values, the 1st Catholic Social Media Awards ceremony was celebrated.

Maine Mendoza and Wally Bayola, stars of “Kalyeserye” segment of the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga!, were among those taking center stage during this gathering of social media communicators, bloggers, photographers, and writers

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Maine Mendoza and Wally Bayola (Photo: Romar Briones Fernando)

For their efforts in promoting forgotten Filipino Catholic values, the stars of “Kalye Serye” segment along with its producers, were cited.

“[It is] because of the very inspiring message they give during the ‘Kalye Serye’ [about] virtues, values, chivalry, modesty, morality, respect for elders, etc. This is the kind [of show] that we don’t see on TV anymore,” said Mon Bandril, a member of the awards committee.

Mendoza thanked all their supporters after accepting the award at Santa Rosa City Hall Auditorium in Santa Rosa City, Laguna.

The Catholic Social Media Awards (CSMA) winners are:

Aldub Nation. Catholic Social Media Achievement Award for spreading “Kalye Serye” values online through inspirational posts and tweets.

Nicomaine ‘Yaya Dub’ Dei Capili Mendoza. Catholic Social Media Achievement Award for being influential among the young, especially the online community, in the propagation of Christian values.

Tape Inc. Catholic Social Media Achievement Award for producing the “Kalye Serye” segment which gives importance to promoting treasured Christian family values that transcend their homes and inspire other people.

Walter James ‘Wally’ Bayola. Catholic Social Media Inspirational Award for his conversion story being instrumental in spreading virtues, good values and morality in the online community.

Richard ‘Alden’ Faulkerson Jr. Catholic Social Media Award for serving as a role model to the youth, most especially the online community, in his portrayal of role that exercises chivalry and traditional Filipino courtship. The Eat Bulaga talents and producers are the first recipients of the CSMA. Alden Richards could not be present during the simple ceremonies because of engagements in Japan.

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