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First children’s live show for SAT-7 TÜRK

Thursday 23 June 2016, by SIGNIS

Istanbul, June, 23rd, 2016 (SAT-7 TURK). Since last week, presenters Ecem Okcular and Merve Alışır from Sat-7 Turk entertain and educate young viewers for two hours every weekday morning.

The new show is entitled “Morning Joy” and “is packed full of drama, arts and crafts, cartoons and bible teaching segments to interact with its 5 to 12-year-old audience.”

The two new presenters are full of energy, and know how to interact with children.

Ecem Okcular plays three characters in the programme: herself, a child called Ege, and a grandmother. Ege is a curious kid, eager to know about everything, and asks Merve questions on the audience’s behalf. The grandmother tells children how things have changed over time: for instance, in the first episode, she shows the audience an old telephone and how it compares to mobile phones today.

The idea behind the different characters is to encourage children to ask questions and to learn from people of all ages. The program’s motto is “to love, to work and to be truthful.”

“We have found these principles to be important in our lives, so we must set an example for the next generation,” says Ecem.

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