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Latin American Catholic TVs Congress

Tuesday 27 October 2015, by SIGNIS

Buenos Aires, Brussels, October 27th, 2015 (SIGNIS/SipcaTV). Organized by SIPCATV, (Service for Television Producers and Catholic Networks) 19 Catholic TV Networks from 14 Latin American countries participated in the event represented by their managers and directors.

Supported by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, it was also attended by its President Mgr. Claudio Maria Celli (video conference). Representing the CELAM, Mgr. Heriberto Bodeant, Bishop of Melo and Secretary- General of Uruguay Episcopal Conference, and Mgr. Santiago Olivera, President of Commission of Communication of Argentine Episcopal Conference, joined the congress where mission, vocation and networks strategic plans were addressed as a unit.

Producers, distributors and international specialists in the area of catholic audiovisual communication were part of the large attendance.
From The Holy See Secretary of Communication in Rome, Prefect Mgr. Dario Viganó and Secretary Mgr. Lucio Ruiz (video conference) expressed their support to the evolution of Catholic TVs in Latin America.

The busy schedule included the presentation of each TV strategic info and its statistical analysis to get a global vision of what is being developed. A whole working day was focused on two central issues: “Quality Standards of Audiovisual Production: the challenge of a competitive catholic audiovisual product” and “Catholic Networks Model: management styles, programming, financing and the impact of spreading values”. The programme continued with: “Challenges and opportunities for catholic producers around the world” and concluded with the revision of “SIPCATV Agreement and Working Plan for the TV Networks and Producers” that included the provision of fresh programming, the exchange of those already produced and a fundraising campaign to help independent producers.

SIPCATV aim is strengthen those who spread the Gospel by means of audiovisual media (television, video, cinema and internet). Its main actions: to provide quality programming, promote production and also exchange and distribution.
Training, consulting, promotion and organization of concrete collaboration actions, participation in international media associations, as well as investigation and spreading of knowledge in this matter, are all part of the activities that SIPCATV undertakes for a continued growth and professionalization of pastoral audiovisual media agents.

To know more about the reunion, click here.

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