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Live TV coverage for Pope’s opening of Holy Door to inaugurate Jubilee

Friday 4 December 2015, by SIGNIS

Rome, Brussels, December 4th, 2015 (Catholic Culture/SIGNIS/Vatican Insider). The Vatican has disclosed plans for live television coverage of the December 8 ceremony in which Pope Francis will open the Holy Door of the Vatican basilica, formally inaugurating the Year of Mercy. The initiative is promoted by the Vatican Secretariat for Communication.

The ceremony will be broadcast using Ultra HD technology, by the Vatican Television Center in collaboration with Vatican Radio, with technical assistance from several secular corporations. Msgr. Dario Edoardo Vigano, the prefect of the new Secretariat for Communications, said that the collaborative effort would be done by "a group that has proved to be cohesive over the years and have been working on this event for the past few months."

“There will be one single shooting but in a variety formats, which will allow a broader reach but at the same time will give those with 4K TVs in Italy the chance to watch the ceremony of the opening of the Holy Door in 4K,” Viganò told Vatican Radio. “I am thinking of some parts of Asia and North America in particular, where 4K technology is already the norm”. This innovation will bring cutting-edge technology to places of suffering: I am referring, for instance, to the fact that the event will be broadcast in Milan’s San Vittore prison, the Gemelli Hospital and we are trying to bring it to the Holy Land as well.” However, “the fact that we are producing in all formats, means that even those with SD, i.e. standard definition, for example, can still watch this event.”

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