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Lumen Christi Television first Catholic TV network in Nigeria

Thursday 19 November 2015, by SIGNIS

Lagos, Brussels, November 19th, 2015 (Vanguard/SIGNIS/ Chris Onuoha). Lumen Christi Television is the first African Catholic Television Network with an operational base in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded by Prince Robert-Joseph Soij Olagunju, from the parish of Msgr Ogunmodede. He is an active Catholic as Chairman of Laity Council in SS Philip and James Parish and in Lekki Deanery. He was honoured with the SIGNIS Nigeria 2014 award.

Recently, he spoke with the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard, on the idea behind establishing a Catholic TV broadcasting station, the first of its kind in Nigeria.

In the beginning

Lumen Christi TV celebrated its one year anniversary on May 13, 2015. Many people in Nigeria are not aware of the TV station. It was established on the platform of educating the public about the Catholic Church and its doctrines. It operates on MyTV satellite platform. The name, meaning “the light of Christ”, is derived from the act of lighting the candle during Catholic celebrations, which usually goes with a chant. Besides, they believe that the world is living in the dark – full of immorality, crime, confusion, sin, corruption, without embracing Christianity as it should be. They also believe that there should be a shining light in form of a Catholic TV station to overpower such vices and bring some form of sanity to the world.

What are you doing differently?

In Lumen Christi, we communicate, entertain, evangelize and educate like any other broadcasting station transmitting from MyTV free to air satellite platform. Of course, we are in the era of digitization. Besides, our intension and vision is to be accessed and viewed globally. The difference and uniqueness is in our programmes, which is Catholic-based and endorsed by the Vatican. However, we try to bring it to public knowledge, that there is nothing secretive about catholic religion and mode of worship as assumed by non- Catholics through our TV broadcast.

Are your Programmes restricted to Catholics alone?

Lumen Christi is the only Catholic Television station in Africa that serves the interest of Catholic faithful and the public alike, apart from American-based Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) that serves same purpose in larger scale. We are non- partial in inter human relations with non-Catholics. Our programmes are universally enriching and cut across all human interests based on Catholic doctrine on moralities – issues of marital life, family morals, societal norms and others, which hinged on good conducts as professed by the church. We also feature special programmes that clarify those controversies people see as hindrance in worshipping with catholic.

Lumen Christi is in collaboration with EWTN as a sister station for exchange programmes and capacity enhancement. With such exchange, EWTN which broadcasts from America has things to enjoy from us, such as our traditional mode of celebrating mass and thanksgiving in Africa, likewise over 30 million Catholic faithful in Nigeria, who will benefit from our services, right in their sitting room.

Our programmes are 70 percent indigenous and 30 percent foreign, structured to suit our viewers’ interest in tally with their day-to-day activities. Plans are in place to actively engage in other social media platforms like the mobile phone and computer software – apps, iTunes, YouTube etc, even TVs without having a satellite decoder. This is to enhance our visibility and millage for our numerous viewing audiences since Catholic Church is the most universal church with virtually dioceses in every community in African states and institutions.

We welcome viewers’ constructive comments to assist us grow and remain relevant to the society with the programmes we air. Sponsorship from general public are welcomed since this is a not-for-profit outfit for evangelism. Assistance can come through material, spiritual, programmes exchange and financial contribution as the project is highly capital intensive ranging from content acquisitions, equipment maintenance and daily sustainability of the evangelization process.

To read the whole interview, go here.

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