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Magnificat 2009: 5th International Catholic Festival of Christian Films and TV Programs

Monday 23 February 2009, by SIGNIS

Minsk, February 23, 2009 (SIGNIS-Belarus) - The International Catholic Festival of Christian Films and TV programs Magnificat 2009 screens the works of international and Belarusian masters in cinema and TV aimed at evangelization of the society and support of human values, created in various Christian traditions.

The Festival takes place in Belarus in June annually and is held under patronage of the Bishops Conference in Belarus.

The Festival is open to participants belonging to various Christian confessions and is formed of: film and TV program makers taking part in competition, as well as of studio representatives (the number of those representing every studio is defined by the Organizational committee); creative workers and clergy persons not submitting the works but invited by the Organization committee.

All participants are supported by the Festival direction (except payment of fares).

Selection is open for films and programs by all the studios from Belarus and abroad. The deadline for entries is March 15 2009.

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