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New Catholic TV channel in India

Tuesday 27 September 2016, by SIGNIS

Hyderabad, September, 27th, 2016 (SIGNIS India). The Catholic Church in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana (India) has launched a new Telugu TV channel, Divyavani.
Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio, the Vatican’s ambassador to India, launched ‘Divyavani’ on Aug 31 at the St. Mary’s College grounds in Secunderabad.

Recalling Jesus Christ’s synagogue reading from the Prophet Isaiah, he spelt out the new medium’s theme: to proclaim Good News to the poor, comfort all who mourn, provide for those who grieve, the oil of joy instead of a spirit of despair.

As his representative in India, he relayed Pope Francis’ message. Echoing the Pope’s sentiment, he hoped the channel stood for the poor, afflicted and marginalised, bringing comfort and consolation to the people through acts of mercy.

“The increased availability of new technologies demands greater responsibility on those called to proclaim the Word,” the ProNuncio quoted Pope Benedict XVI.
Citing late Pope John Paul II, he described the ‘communication media as the new marketplace of ideas,’ the new ‘Areopagus,’ the public place in Athens where St. Paul introduced the ‘Risen Christ’ to his audience.

In the Naples native’s thick accent was seen a tilt towards Telugu, the Italian of the East, lilting songs in the local language linking two civilizations, seamlessly.

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