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New family TV Station in Rwanda

Monday 25 January 2016, by SIGNIS

Kigali, Brussels, January 25th, 2016 (SIGNIS/AllAfrica/News Times). Radio Flash is set to launch a television station, Flash TV. Felix Buteera, the head of programming at Flash TV, said the new television station will be family-focused to contribute to household development.

"Flash TV will be a family TV as our content will appeal to members of households our comprehensive programmes are targeting the family. Through entertainment and education we will be able to disseminate information touching all aspects of life," he said.

With the digital migration, Rwanda has seen more private-owned television stations coming on board. However, the new stations have always been accused of lacking enough local content.

However, Buteera said local content will be at the heart of Flash TV programmes. "80% of our programmes will be aired in Kinyarwanda as it is the language understood by most of Rwandans. We will start with one news bulletin per day at 8pm. I hope we will be able to deliver quality, focused and informative content in our bulletins since we won"t rely much on events. We will rather focus on what touches the daily needs of our people. We will later introduce an English bulletin so that we can satisfy our viewers who do not understand Kinyarwanda," Buteera said.

According to Buteera, Flash TV will go on air this week. "Installation process was completed, all the set up have been designed; what we are waiting for is to receive a channel from Star Times," he said.

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