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SAT-7: television programmes to empower societies

Tuesday 4 October 2016, by SIGNIS

Nicosia, September, 4th, 2016 (SAT-7). SAT 7, SIGNIS member, is a well-known television service for Christians in the Middle East. They constantly create new programmes, in order to spread God’s message, and help create better societies.

SAT-7 Turk, is now broadcasting the programme “Obstacle Overcomers”, which aims to inform, educate, and change negative perceptions of disability. Indeed, genetic disorders, physical impairments, and mental illness remain controversial and taboo subjects in Turkey. Alışır, the presenter, interviews many individuals with different disabilities throughout the 13-episode series, asking how they "overcome their obstacles" in their daily lives. "Each of them has a heroic story. Many people do not realise or value the opportunities they have and do not have goals. But every person I interviewed has the joy of life in their hearts," says Alışır.

The kid’s station, SAT-7 Kids, is now broadcasting Praise Factory, which teaches the importance of spending time worshipping God. Producer Mounir Zakhary explains why he feels praising God is so important. "Praise is a treatment for everything in our lives," he says. "Whether we are sad, confused, tired, doubtful or dealing with problems, praise treats it all." Praise Factory includes drama and worship music in two segments, one live and the other pre-recorded. Throughout the program, children sing and learn hymns and songs. Each episode also features a band or choir from a different church, singing their songs of praise.

The Arab station, SAT-7 Arabic, is now broadcasting the third season of “Start from Here”, a programme designed for Arab women, so that they can reconcile with god and that shakes off old stereotypes for a more healthy and constructive future for women in the Arab world. For years, efforts have been made to improve the situation and rights of women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by various organisations and governments. However, many women across the region remain ignorant of their rights to combat destructive practices enforced by society. That’s why the Arab Woman Today Foundation in Jordan teamed up with SAT-7 to record this new season. The program’s new season focuses on confronting stereotypes that have shaped women’s lives in society. They tackle these negative cultural beliefs with Scripture and explain how God sees women. The vision of the three presenters, Yara, Martina, and Basma, is to firstly help women realise that their lives have been framed by rigid roles and harmful masculinities, and secondly to reconcile with themselves and God, to begin a change in society.

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