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Smiles spreading across SAT-7 PARS

Friday 12 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Nicosia, Brussels, February 12th, 2016 (SAT-7 Pars/SIGNIS). SAT-7 PARS’ kids’ programs Smile and Smile Magazine have had a busy start to 2016. In a single week, viewers sent in over 230 photos, and a record number of 103 calls were answered during just one show!

Program host Majid Masouleh feels encouraged by the increasing response. “Two years ago, we received maybe five photos from viewers every four weeks.” At the beginning of 2015, a slide show segment was included in the program to display the photos that had been sent in. “There were still fewer than 20 per week. But we were glad to show them and continued asking people to send us their pictures.”

Smile began on 23 September 2013, at the beginning of the school year. Majid and his co-host, Parastoo Poortaheri, were excited at the opportunity to encourage children to apply themselves to learning, both in and out of school.
Because of the show’s popularity, Smile Magazine launched on 1 January 2015 to cater for a wider and older audience.

Further demand led to the expansion of the shows from 60 to 90 minutes on 10 July 2015.

Censorship in Iran makes sending any personal information, especially about Christianity, very risky.

“In the beginning people felt they couldn’t trust us and were concerned about security,” says Majid. “They preferred to use false names. But now they feel secure with us. We never publish viewers’ names or where they are from. We always send them a message before broadcasting their photo and ensure they are happy to have their picture on air. Thus far, no one has replied saying no. Instead, we have received a lot of messages of appreciation and asking us to broadcast the photos.”

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