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Tuesday 22 December 2015, by SIGNIS

Tehran, Brussels, December 22nd, 2015 (SAT-7 PARS/SIGNIS). In a region of the world where mainstream culture does not teach people how to handle disagreements lovingly, SAT-7 PARS will begin airing the program I Beg to Differ to tackle the issue.

I Beg to Differ, based on the book with the same name—authored by Prof. Tim Muehlhoff, is set to broadcast in early 2016 and will teach SAT-7 PARS’ viewers how to manage difficult conversations biblically.

Presenters Rev. Sasan Tosli and SAT-7 PARS Deputy Executive Director Nikoo Ordodary will model “navigating difficult conversations with truth and love” by voicing their opposing views during the episodes.

The first season covers four main stages of communication, suggesting viewers learn to empathise with the person they’re engaging with. The hosts will encourage individuals to self-evaluate whilst in dialogue with others, asking:

  • What does this person believe?
  • Why does this person hold this belief?
  • Where do we agree?
  • Based on all I’ve learned; how should I proceed?

Advice on the program comes from scripture and communications theory, aiming to disarm animosity. Communicating in a godly manner not only helps avoid conflict, but is also an opportunity to show respect and build others with affirmative words.

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