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The first Web TV for mobile phones in francophone Africa

Monday 29 February 2016, by SIGNIS

Ouagadougou, Brussels, February 29th, 2016 (Philippe Couve/SIGNIS). Inoussa Maïga, son of a Burkinabe breeder, decided to start a new challenge: launching a WebTV dedicated to the young people who innovate and succeed in the agricultural sector, and designed specifically for mobile phones and social media.

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Inoussa Maïga

Inoussa was born in a small village, Fada N’Gourma. He is the only one among his brothers and sisters to study. In 2005, he starts studying at the University of Ouagadougou, before becoming a journalist, specialised in agriculture. He obtains his Bachelor’s degree in communication for development, followed by a Master of Research in information sciences and communication. Then, he registers for an International Master in Management of Media at the school of journalism, ESJ, in Lille, France

In his blog, dedicated to agriculture, he publishes articles realised with farmers or breeders in Burkina and in West Africa in general. He is also working at an audio-visual production company and produces reports on areas rarely covered by the media.

His new project is called AgribusinessTV and addresses a young audience. One of the challenges of the project is to produce videos that will move from one mobile phone to another via Facebook, or exchanged by Bluetooth when the connection is not good. The project will start with journalists based in 4 countries: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Benin.

The challenge that AgribusinessTV faces is huge: affirming its identity, being able to catch attention on social media, being able to work together as a team spread over 4 countries through collaborative tools. But mostly, inventing this way of addressing to young people from the continent so that they realise the challenges and opportunities that the rural world in Africa can offer them.

The main mission of AgribusinessTV is to show that we can innovate in the agricultural and livestock sectors. Showing also that we can live well from it.

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