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TV Evangelizar becomes a national television station in Brazil

Tuesday 1 September 2015, by Ricardo Yáñez

Sao Paulo/Brussels, September 1st, 2015 (TV Evangelizar).The founder of TV Evangelizar, Father Reginaldo Manzotti, made the official opening of the Catholic Network of Church (RCI, for the initials in Portuguese) - TV Evangelizar.

The priest said that, on this historic day, TV Evagelizar is generating content for the Catholic Church Network (RCI) and can be tuned live in open channel for 17 capitals and other cities across Brazil. Thus, the scope of the programmes will be more than 72 million people, which represents about 36% of the population of the South American country. In addition, it is expected that by the end of this year viewers from all Brazilian capitals can tune in the station, which should also be available in major cable TV operators.

“It is a dream of God, is the mandate of Jesus Christ and the mission is ours. This is not the dream of a priest, is a necessity of the Church”, he said. And he stressed: “Stay tuned, because new transmitters are switched on, new antennas will be transported and the next city to have the TV can be yours.”

Currently, the Obra Evangelizar is considered a national service of the Church, it offers free Catholic content to a chain of more than 130 sisters TVs scattered throughout the country, and 37 open channels of television. In addition, 1.589 radios in Brazil and in other countries broadcast the programmes of Radio Evangelizar. Thus, Evangelizar -which is already the largest South American Catholic Radio Network- now becomes one of the largest Catholic television stations in Brazil.

For more information visit the website of TV Evangelizar

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