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Women’s TV show back on SAT-7 Arabic

Tuesday 17 May 2016, by SIGNIS

Cairo, May, 17th, 2016 (SAT-7 Arabic). The popular women’s chat show Needle and Thread is back for a new series on the SAT-7 Arabic television channel. After three years on air, the team is better equipped to meet viewers’ needs and point women “upward to God, the inspirer of change”. The show aims to raise Arab women’s aspirations for a better future and helps them take steps towards positive change with God’s help.

It is one of a number of live programs from SAT-7’s Egypt studio that has been able to resume after a six-month hiatus following action by the censorship police in October.

Needle and Thread covers a wide range of topics that relate to women especially, such as marriage and singleness, motherhood and childlessness, family and societal expectations, depression, image and career. The presenters, guests and viewers share their experiences and offer mutual support and encouragement.

“I have become more aware of the audiences that call us,” Producer Maggie Morgan says, “In the beginning, I had no clue who was watching and why! I realised that television audiences are not just bored channel-surfers; many are stuck in a situation and television is a way out.”

“We want to point towards a God of new beginnings and new hope,” Maggie says, “A God of small things who wants women everywhere to take care of themselves and acknowledge their own needs, even when in dire circumstances.”

The new series will feature stories of inspirational women and a segment called “The Next Right Thing” aimed at helping viewers take small steps towards improving their circumstances. Two new presenters, who represent different demographics, will be sought to complete the three existing young faces of the program.

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