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PLURAL+ 2015 : SIGNIS Award goes to "Exit Right"

Monday 16 November 2015, by SIGNIS

New York City, November 16th, 2015 (SIGNIS) - The SIGNIS Jury at the PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival 2015 has decided to give its award to Exit Right, by Rupert Höller and Bernhard Wenger (Austria)

“The power of this video is its simplicity and smart script. It tells a story which can happen almost everywhere and at any time—a tale of racism and uncontrolled anger. The short film successfully views a very current issue with a keen sense of humor. Audiences will keep this story in mind for long time because it is close to scenes many have likely witnessed—real food for thought.

The production is outstanding in its unique, truly straightforward, cinematic storytelling without the trappings of clever effects or music. Exit Right reminds us how intense our perceptions and misperceptions of others can be, which may lead us to judgments that do affect the lives of others.

To paraphrase Pope Francis in the broadest sense, "Who are we to judge?".

The SIGNIS Jury of the PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival 2015 was composed by: Vi Cao (Vietnam), Charles Ayetan (Togo) and Xavier Molina (Belize).

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Rupert Höller - Bernhard Wenger

PLURAL+ is a program of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), and The International Organization for Migration (IOM). UNAOC aims to bridge the world’s divides and to build trust and understanding across cultures and communities worldwide through a variety of initiatives. IOM acts together with its partners in the international community to uphold the human dignity and well being of migrants, and to advance understanding of migration issues.

SIGNIS understands that to bring about change in the world of media we have to build partnerships with those organizations that share our values. In accord with the official SIGNIS theme “Media for a Culture of Peace: Promoting Stories of Hope Through Connectivity”, the PLURAL+SIGNIS Prize helps to promote these stories of hope that the new generation is creating around the world.


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