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SIGNIS Media 2/2016: Communicating on the Periphery

Thursday 7 July 2016, by SIGNIS

“We all know something. We all ignore something. That is why we always learn”
Paulo Freire

This issue of SIGNIS Media invites us to think about the place from which we communicate and about the space we give to the other in the process of mutual listening. When we communicate we personalise the other and ourselves. But the true challenge seems to be –as the cover story says– that of recognition, even more if the person is “on the peripheries” of our societies. They frequently do not matter in decision making, and are positioned as “invisible”.

Recognising others is to put ourselves in their place and to value their diversity. Thus we collaborate in their communicative emancipation so that those “on the peripheries” can have the mike and the camera in their own hands to tell their own stories, in their own language, in a world that respects them too.

Download this issue in pdf.

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