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  1. Mar del Plata 2014: “No todo es vigilia” Awarded SIGNIS Prize
  2. Ecumenical Prize in Mannheim-Heidelberg 2014
  3. Russian Film Wins Ecumenical Prize in Cottbus 2014
  4. The Ecumenical Prize in DOK Leipzig 2014 to "Toto and his Sisters"
  5. Ethiopian Film Wins Ecumenical Award in Kiev 2014
  6. First SIGNIS Jury in Rome Awards Ex Aequo Prize
  7. Ecumenical Prize to Estonian Film at Warsaw Festival 2014
  8. San Sebastian 2014: SIGNIS Prize for “A Second Chance”
  9. "Girlhood" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Miskolc 2014
  10. SIGNIS Awards at the 71st Venice Film Festival 2014
  11. Japanese Film Takes the Ecumenical Prize in FFM 2014
  12. "The Fool" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Locarno 2014
  13. Ecumenical Prize at the ’Golden Apricot’ Yerevan Film Festival 2014
  14. SIGNIS Awards African Talent at ZIFF 2014
  15. Karlovy Vary Festival Announces Ecumenical Prize 2014
  16. "Boys" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Zlin Youth Film Festival 2014
  17. Ecumenical Jury Prize for "Timbuktu" at the Festival de Cannes 2014
  18. WACC-SIGNIS Human Rights Award 2013 Goes to "Caminhos da paz" (Paths of Peace)
  19. Awards of the Ecumenical Jury at the Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2014
  20. Interreligious Jury Awards "Domino Effect" in Nyon 2014
  21. SIGNIS Prize at FilmFest DC 2014 Awarded to "Rock the Casbah"
  22. “Burning Bush” Wins the SIGNIS Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2014
  23. Ecumenical Jury Award at the Fribourg Film Festival 2014
  24. First SIGNIS Prize at the Miami International Film Festival 2014
  25. "Le Passé" (The Past) by Asghar Farhadi Wins SIGNIS Prize for Best European Film 2013
  26. Ecumenical Jury Awards "Stations of the Cross" at Berlinale 2014
  27. Interfaith Prize at Fajr International Film Festival (Iran)
  28. "Ini Avan" Wins SIGNIS Sri Lanka Award
  29. Havana 2013: SIGNIS Prize for “La Reconstrucción”
  30. Serbian Film Wins Ecumenical Prize in Cottbus 2013
  31. Ecumenical Prize in Mannheim-Heidelberg 2013
  32. Ecumenical Awards at Kiev Film Festival 2013
  33. "The Railway Man" Wins SIGNIS Award in San Sebastian 2013
  34. Ecumenical Prize in Miskolc CineFest 2013
  35. 65th SIGNIS Jury in Venice Awards Stephen Frears’ "Philomena"
  36. "Life Feels Good" for the Ecumenical Jury in Montreal 2013
  37. Ecumenical Jury Awards in Locarno 2013
  38. "Keep Smiling" Wins Yerevan 2013 Ecumenical Prize
  39. Ecumenical Prize Goes to "Bluebird" in Karlovy Vary 2013
  40. SIGNIS Awards African Talent in Zanzibar Festival 2013
  41. Festroia 2013 SIGNIS Awards
  42. Ecumenical Prize 2013 at the Festival de Cannes
  43. Interreligious Jury Prize in Nyon 2013
  44. SIGNIS Prize Awarded to "The New World" in FilmFest DC 2013
  45. SIGNIS Prize in Hong Kong Film Festival 2013 Goes to "The Patience Stone"
  46. Ecumenical Jury Awards "Three Sisters" in Fribourg 2013
  47. WACC-SIGNIS Human Rights Award 2012 Goes to "Forbidden Voices"
  48. "Amour" by Michael Haneke Wins SIGNIS Prize for Best European Film 2012
  49. Berlinale 2013 Ecumenical Jury Prizes
  50. SIGNIS Award in Mar Del Plata 2012 Goes to "The Deep"
  51. Ecumenical Prize in Mannheim 2012
  52. Cottbus Ecumenical Prize 2012 to "In the Fog"
  53. Swiss Documentary Awarded at DOK Leipzig 2012
  54. Ecumenical Jury Reaches for "Heaven" at Kiev Film Festival 2012
  55. SIGNIS Awards Short Film "The Pillars" at Religion Today Film Festival 2012
  56. "Operation E" for the Ecumenical Jury in Warsaw 2012
  57. Belgian Film Wins SIGNIS Award at Festroia 2012
  58. San Sebastian 2012: SIGNIS awards “Dias de pesca”
  59. Ecumenical Award at the Miskolc Festival 2012
  60. Terence Malick’s "To the Wonder" Awarded by SIGNIS in Venice 2012
  61. "Closed Season" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Montreal 2012
  62. "A Lady in Paris" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Locarno 2012
  63. SIGNIS-WACC Human Rights Award presented in Buenos Aires
  64. SIGNIS Awards African Talent in Zanzibar 2012
  65. "If Only Everyone" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Yerevan 2012
  66. Ecumenical Jury Announces Karlovy Vary 2012 Winner
  67. Ecumenical Jury Awards Youth Film in Zlin 2012
  68. Ecumenical Prize in Cannes 2012 to Thomas Vinterberg’s "Jagten"
  69. Ecumenical Award at Short Film Days Oberhausen 2012
  70. Interreligious Award in Nyon 2012 Goes to "900 Days"
  71. SIGNIS Jury Award at Filmfest DC 2012 Goes to "Snows of Kilimandjaro"
  72. "Monsieur Lazhar" Wins the SIGNIS Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2012
  73. Argentinean Film on the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo Gets SIGNIS-WACC Human Rights Award 2011
  74. Ecumenical Award in Fribourg Film Festival 2012
  75. Catholic Communicators Give "Le Havre" the SIGNIS Prize for Best European Film 2011
  76. Taviani Brothers Win Ecumenical Prize in Berlin 2012
  77. "Oranges and Sunshine" Named Australian Film of the Year 2011 by the Catholic Film Office and SIGNIS Australia
  78. Interfaith Jury Awards "The Orange Suit" in Fajr 2012
  79. Interfaith Jury Awards Documentary and Fiction in Dhaka 2012
  80. Project Jerusalem, SIGNIS Award Winner at Insight Film Festival
  81. Ecumenical Awards in Mannheim 2011
  82. Ecumenical Award in Cottbus 2011
  83. Ecumenical Awards in Ukraine: the Molodist Festival 2011
  84. Ecumenical Prize Goes to "Work Hard - Play Hard" in Leipzig 2011
  85. SIGNIS Prize at Religion Today 2011
  86. Second Ecumenical Prize at Warsaw Festival 2011
  87. San Sebastian 2011: SIGNIS Prize for “Kiseki/I Wish”
  88. Alexander Sokurov "Faust" Wins Venice SIGNIS Award 2011
  89. "David" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Montreal 2011
  90. Ecumenical Jury Awards Swiss Documentary in Locarno 2011
  91. Ecumenical Prize at the Yerevan Festival 2011
  92. SIGNIS Jury Awards "Fambul Tok" at ZIFF 2011
  93. SIGNIS Awards at Festroia 2011
  94. Zlin 2011: the Ecumenical Prize goes to “Hold Me Tight”
  95. Cannes 2011: Paolo Sorrentino Wins Ecumenical Prize
  96. SIGNIS Jury Award at Filmfest DC Goes to "Bardsongs"
  97. Interreligious Jury Awards Documentary in Nyon 2011
  98. Las Palmas 2011: SIGNIS Prize goes to "Jiabiangou"
  99. "Winter’s Bone Wins SIGNIS Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2011
  100. Ecumenical Prize in Fribourg 2011 Goes to "Colours of the Mountain"
  101. SIGNIS Prizes at Toulouse Festival of Latin American Cinemas 2011
  102. SIGNIS Gives Interfaith Prize in Fajr Film Festival 2011
  103. Japan Catholic Film Award 2010 Goes to "Under the Moonlight - A Memory of a Night High School"
  104. Berlinale 2011 Ecumenical Jury Awards
  105. Catholic Communicators Give "Of Gods and Men" the SIGNIS Prize for Best European Film 2010
  106. Danish Film Awarded at Mannheim 2010
  107. "Pal Adrienn" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Cottbus 2010
  108. Molodist 2010 Ecumenical Awards
  109. SIGNIS Prize at Interreligious Festival Religion Today 2010
  110. Ecumenical Awards in Warsaw Film Festival 2010
  111. DOK Leipzig Ecumenical Prize 2010
  112. SIGNIS-WACC Human Rights Award 2010 Goes to Documentary on Afghanistan
  113. San Sebastian 2010: SIGNIS awards “Addicted to Love”
  114. SIGNIS Prize in Venice 2010 to "Meek’s Cutoff"
  115. "Breath" of fresh air for the Montréal Ecumenical Jury 2010
  116. Ecumenical Awards in Locarno Film Festival 2010
  117. SIGNIS Awards at ZIFF 2010
  118. Ecumenical Awards at the Yerevan Film Festival 2010
  119. Ecumenical Awards 2010 in Karlovy Vary
  120. Michael Haneke Presented with SIGNIS Award for Best European Film 2009
  121. "A Family" Wins SIGNIS Prize at Festroia 2010
  122. Zlin 2010: Ecumenical Prizes for "The Indian" and "Sebbe"
  123. Cannes Ecumenical Jury 2010 Awards "Of Gods and Men"
  124. Ecumenical Awards in Oberhausen 2010
  125. Interreligious Prize in the Festival "Visions du Réel" 2010
  126. "A Brand New Life" Wins SIGNIS Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2010
  127. Fribourg Ecumenical Award 2010 Goes to "Lola"
  128. Catholic Communicators Give "Das Weisse Band" the SIGNIS Prize for Best European Film 2009
  129. SIGNIS Japan Catholic Film Award 2010
  130. Ecumenical Awards at the 60th Berlinale 2010
  131. Interfaith Jury Awards Fiction and Documentary in Dhaka 2010
  132. Interfaith Prize at Fajr 2010
  133. Ecumenical Awards at the Bratislava Film Festival 2009
  134. Ecumenical Jury Awards East European Cinema in Cottbus 2009
  135. Ecumenical Jury in Mannheim 2009 Awards Swiss Film
  136. Ecumenical Awards in Kyiv 2009
  137. "The Arrivals" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Leipzig 2009
  138. "Lourdes" Wins SIGNIS Award in Venice 2009
  139. "Ceasefire" Wins the Ecumenical Prize in Montreal 2009
  140. Ecumenical Award of Locarno 2009 goes to "Akadimia Platonos"
  141. Ecumenical Jury Awards "The Other Bank" in Yerevan 2009
  142. Ecumenical Award in Karlovy Vary 2009
  143. SIGNIS Awards at the Zanzibar Film Festival 2009
  144. Zlin 2009: Ecumenical Prize for "Max Embarrassing"
  145. Ken Loach Wins 2009 Ecumenical Prize in Cannes
  146. Ecumenical Jury Awards Short Films in Oberhausen 2009
  147. Interreligious Prize in Nyon 2009
  148. "Departure" Takes First SIGNIS Jury Award at FilmFest DC
  149. SIGNIS Awards Korean Film in BAFICI 2009
  150. "Waltz with Bashir" Wins SIGNIS Award for Best European Film 2008
  151. Ecumenical Prize in Fribourg 2009
  152. "Little Soldier" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Berlin 2009
  153. Ecumenical Awards in Bratislava 2008
  154. SIGNIS Awards at Amiens 2008
  155. The Ecumenical Jury Goes ’Borderline’ at Mannheim 2008
  156. Awards of the Ecumenical Jury in Cottbus 2008
  157. Dutch Documentary Wins Ecumenical Prize in Leipzig 2008
  158. First SIGNIS Awards at Interfaith Festival Religion Today 2008
  159. Fine Adaptation of Flaubert Novel Wins Ecumenical Award in Molodist 2008
  160. SIGNIS Awards American Indie Film at San Sebastian 2008
  161. 60th Catholic Jury in Venice Awards its Prize
  162. Ecumenical Award in Montreal 2008 Goes to "Wolf"
  163. Ecumenical Jury in Locarno 2008 Awards "Mar Nero"
  164. Interfaith Prize at the Brisbane Film Festival 2008
  165. Ecumenical Prize at the Yerevan Film Festival 2008
  166. SIGNIS Awards at the ZIFF 2008
  167. Karlovy Vary 2008 Ecumenical Award
  168. SIGNIS Award at Festroia 2008
  169. Zlin 2008: Ecumenical Prize goes to "Vikaren"
  170. Interreligious Prize in Nyon 2008 Goes to "The Existence"
  171. "Empties" Wins the SIGNIS Award at Hong Kong Film Festival 2008
  172. Fribourg 2008: the Ecumenical Jury on the Right "Path"
  173. SIGNIS Awards in Las Palmas 2008
  174. Ecumenical Awards at the Berlinale 2008
  175. SIGNIS Interfaith Jury in Tehran 2008 Gives Joint Award
  176. First SIGNIS Interfaith Jury in Bangladesh
  177. Winners of the 2007 Bratislava Ecumenical Awards
  178. SIGNIS-WACC Award 2007 to a Film on Human Rights
  179. Award of the Ecumenical Jury 2007 in Cottbus
  180. Ecumenical Prize 2007 at the 50th Leipzig Documentary Festival
  181. Ecumenical Awards in Mannheim-Heidelberg 2007
  182. San Sebastian 2007: SIGNIS Prize goes to "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers"
  183. Paul Haggis Wins 2007 SIGNIS Award in Venice
  184. "Ben X" Wins the Ecumenical Prize in Montreal 2007
  185. Interfaith Award in Brisbane 2007
  186. Ecumenical Award at the 60th Locarno Film Festival
  187. First Ecumenical Award in Yerevan, Armenia 2007
  188. SIGNIS Awards at ZIFF 2007
  189. Ecumenical Jury Reveals Awards in Karlovy Vary 2007
  190. "Late Bloomers" Wins SIGNIS Prize in Festroia 2007
  191. Zlin 2007: Ecumenical Jury Awards "Antonia"
  192. Cannes 2007: "The Edge of Heaven" Receives Ecumenical Jury Prize
  193. Interfaith Jury at the Nyon Documentary Festival 2007
  194. SIGNIS Prize at the BAFICI 2007
  195. SIGNIS Award goes to Russian movie in the Hong Kong International Film Festival
  196. "The Drowned Men" Wins Ecumenical Prize 2007 in Fribourg
  197. SIGNIS Prize at the Las Palmas Festival
  198. Interfaith Awards 2007 at Fajr Film Festival, Tehran
  199. Ecumenical Awards in Berlin 2007
  200. Cottbus Ecumenical Award 2006
  201. Bratislava 2006 Reveals Ecumenical Awards
  202. Ecumenical Award in Mannheim 2006 Goes to Croatian Film
  203. "Forever" Wins Leipzig Ecumenical Award 2006
  204. SIGNIS Awards European Cinema in Sevilla 2006
  205. "Poet of the Wastes" Wins Ecumenical Prize in Kiev
  206. SIGNIS awards a comedy in San Sebastian 2006
  207. SIGNIS Awards Winners in Venice 2006
  208. Montreal: Japanese Film “A Long Walk” Wins the Ecumenical Prize
  209. Brisbane Interfaith Award 2006
  210. Ecumenical Jury in Locarno: Award to "Agua"
  211. SIGNIS Awards at the ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries 2006
  212. Karlovy Vary 2006: the Ecumenical Jury Follows its "Destiny"
  213. SIGNIS Awards at Festroia 2006
  214. "Babel" Wins 2006 Ecumenical Prize in Cannes

Terence Malick’s "To the Wonder" Awarded by SIGNIS in Venice 2012

Venice, September 8, 2012 (SIGNIS) - Terrence Malick’s latest film, To the Wonder, received the SIGNIS Award at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, as announced on September 8 in a ceremony held at the Sala Tropicana of the Excelsior Hotel in Venice’s Lido.

SIGNIS Award winner "To the Wonder" celebrates the mysteries of beauty, truth and love

The SIGNIS Jury was formed by Gustavo Andújar (Cuba), President, Massimo Giraldi (Italy), Secretary, and Arianna Prevedello (Italy), Edward Siebert, SJ (USA) and Mario Tapia (Ecuador), members. A total of eighteen feature films included in the official selection of the Festival were considered for the Award. In their citation, the Jury indicated:

"Technically rich and poetic in storytelling, To the Wonder is a stand-alone film which celebrates the mysteries of beauty, truth and love. It is a story of individuals who move through life with intense passion. At times, their passion gives way to desolation, making them acutely aware of their own weaknesses and limitations. Their experiences shed insight about the universal meaning of the joys and struggles of life. The film’s rich composition, textured direction, and its use of light bring together elements of divinity and humanity ultimately creating a sacramental experience which reveals God’s gift of unconditional love."

The general reception of the film by audiences in the Festival, as well as among film critics, was mixed, not unlike what happened with Malick’s previous film, The Tree of Life .

The Jury also decided to give a Special Commendation to the Israeli film Fill the Void , by Rama Burshtein.

The SIGNIS Jury in Venice

"The youngest daughter of an orthodox Jewish family is asked to change drastically the course of her life in the interest of the unity of her family. The story unfolds in a small community of strict religious observance, the customs and traditions of which are presented with great cinematic beauty and an outstanding sense of pride, acknowledging at the same time the complexity of the challenge of postponing personal aspirations for the good of others."

This year’s edition of the Venice International Film Festival, the 69th, marked the celebration of the 80th anniversary the Festival, making it the longest running international film festival en the world. The SIGNIS Award and its predecessor, the OCIC Award, have been presented at “la Mostra” -as its official Italian name designates it- since the fifth edition, held in 1948.



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