I remember the impact that Sidney Lumet’s film Network had on me, in which the protagonist, played by Peter Finch, a television presenter caught in the chimera of ratings, shouts "We will never find the truth with television".

Indeed, in a world where communication has become instant and quickened its pace, and where the truth no longer seems important enough, we should pause to ask ourselves: what is media truth? This concern is shared by thousands of communicators around the world and calls us to tell the small truths we see in our communities.

Daily life is worth being spread through the media, so that the seed of a creative certainty is sown from this concrete source of hope. Faced with this world saturated with fake news, there is the huge possibility to fill the great void that the media darkness itself generates.

In this issue of SIGNIS Media, we reflect on the human need to communicate the truth, with the certainty that, as the protagonist of Network says, "it is in us"

Ricardo Yáñez - Secretary General.

Download this issue below or read it using this link: https://issuu.com/signis/docs/sm4_2017_web