Brussels, November 27th, 2017 (SIGNIS). SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, shares the concern of the Zimbabwean Catholic Bishops conference for their country and the role of communication in conflict. 

It joins with the Bishops in encouraging opinion leaders and traditional and new media to work to decrease tension, combat hatred and promote unity.  

The ongoing process for and sustainability of peace depend largely on the responsibility of all media users, professionals and ordinary citizens, especially in social media.

Not only politicians but also citizens know that the spreading of sensationalism, false news and all forms of hate can have serious and far-reaching consequences. In this context, SIGNIS affirms everyone can contribute to a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Now that Robert Mugabe has resigned and steps are being taken to inaugurate a new president, the Bishops’ Nov. 19 statement is more relevant than ever.

“We, your Shepherds, encourage those central to these delicate processes (particularly the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the political leadership) that they maintain the best interests of the nation as a priority,” they wrote.  “The governance of Zimbabwe in any transition that may be adopted must embrace all Zimbabweans in their diversity and their oneness.”

“The nation needs to develop a culture of free and fair elections, referenda and consultations,” the Bishops said.