Washington, May 4th, 2018 (SIGNIS). As every year, a SIGNIS jury awards prizes and special commentions at the International Film Festival of Washington DC (USA). This year, the SIGNIS prize is awarded to Outside In by director Lynn Shelton (USA) while commentions are given to Une saison en France by Mahamat Saleh Haroun (France) and Tulipani by Mike van Diem (Netherlands).

In its justification, the Jury explained that "Through compelling story-telling, beautifully scripted and filmed with cinematic economy, Outside In tells a story of yearning and hope.  Incarcerated unfairly as an 18-year-old, a prisoner released 20 years later finds himself an outsider, trying to re-enter the world of family and love and community relationships from which he feels barred."

The Jury also gave two commendations:

The first commendation is given to A Season in France, a "powerfully visualized and well-acted film, in which the face of the overwhelming world crisis of refugees and displaced persons becomes deeply personal through a man and his children who find their hopes for work and security vanishing day by day", said the Jury. The jurors added that "the film holds up a mirror unflinchingly to society’s treatment of people displaced from their own countries."

The SIGNIS Jury also gave a commendation to Tulipani, because "with laugh-out-loud humor and joyous color this movie celebrates personal love and community connections when a Dutch tulip farmer, displaced by a major flood, takes his tulips and his fortunes to Italy.  Not even the local Mafia’s control and cruelty that threaten his new town, his family, and their livelihoods, can triumph over the altruistic goodness he represents."

The jurors for the SIGNIS Jury at Filmfest DC 2018 are: Frank Frost (chair)  Television producer, film critic, and facilitator of Cinema Spirituality discussion circles / Washington, DC; Pamela Aleman, Vice President of SIGNIS North America / Toronto, Canada; Gregory Friedman, OFM, radio and television producer, leader in National Film Retreats / Washington, DC; Mary Frost, Television producer and facilitator of Cinema Spirituality discussion circles / Washington, DC; Marjorie Suchocki, theology professor emerita, founder of Common Good Film Festival / Dallas, TX