Quito, June, 14th, 2017 (SIGNIS-ALC). SIGNIS-Argentina gave prize at the 17th edition of the International Human Rights Film Festival, which took place in Buenos Aires from May 31 to June 7, 2017. They gave awards in the categories short films and Latin-American documentaries.

The International Film Festival of Human Rights - FICDH is an initiative of the Multimedia Institute DerHumALC - IMD (Human Rights of Latin America and the Caribbean), an association that seeks to strengthen research, study, teaching, on Human Rights, with the use of audiovisual resources and new technologies.

The Jury of SIGNIS-Argentina, composed by Gabriela Cicalese, Gustavo Winkler and Elisa Vidal, decided to award the short film "Palabras de caramelo" (Spain, 2016), directed by Juan Antonio Moreno Amador, because of "the poetics by which the film transports us to the world of a desert child, and the bond with his camel, which allows him to develop his abilities of expression and integration.”

In the category of Latin-American documentaries, SIGNIS-Argentina awarded the documentary "Los objecendidos" (El Salvador, 2016), directed by Marcela Zamora Chamorro, for "sharing with the audience an honest searching path coming from the most personal anxiety of the director, composed as a puzzle of testimonies, a possible social memory of the post Salvadoran war .... Dedicated to the torturers who have forgotten, and to the tortured who will never forget.