On the occasion of its World Congress 2017 on the theme “Promoting stories of Hope”, SIGNIS is organizing a video competition for new talents! Participate, and win a cash prize of 1000€ as well as the opportunity for your production to be showcased worldwide through the SIGNIS network.

The #iSeeHope Competition aims at showing Hope in the smallest places. We live in a world full of bad news, negativism and sad images. SIGNIS believes in the future, and in the power of media to create and show a better world. This is why SIGNIS wants YOU to show that there is a lot of joy and hope in this world.

Hope springs eternal. I see it in a new day…
I see it in the eyes of a child… or those of an old man…
I see hope in the midst of war….
in the face of hunger, in human yearning of every kind.
I see hope wherever I look.
Where do YOU see hope?

SIGNIS wants to support new talents in the fields of video productions. This is why, this competiton is open for people aged between 18 and 30 years old.

Videos must pertain to the topics of hope, positivism, and joy and may be of whatever type, style or genre that the entrant wishes – animated, documentary, drama, music video, comedy etc. Videos should reflect the aims of SIGNIS, which is to promote a Culture of Peace through the media.

The winner will be announced and promoted during the World Congress, in June 2017 in Québec City, Canada.

All videos must be received before midnight on May, 19th, 2017 (Brussels Time – GMT +1).

For all the rules and regulations, please read this document. You must also download the registration form.