Mexico City, April 18th, 2018 (SIGNIS Mexico). On Saturday, April 7, 2018, at the headquarters of the Anahuác University, the active members and directors of the Catholic Association of Communication of Mexico, SIGNIS Mexico, celebrated its 2018 Assembly to present the Annual Report of the Board of Directors as well as to propose the action plan for the current year and the incorporation of new members. The Assembly began with the Eucharistic celebration presided by the chaplain of the organization, Fr. Ángel Lorente, who invited the attendees to reflect on the search to communicate with a view to the integral growth of the person.

The executives of SIGNIS Mexico, President Ricardo Cruz, Secretary José Luis Espinosa and Treasurer Carlos Valles, presented a detailed report of the activities carried out from February 4, 2017 to April 6, 2018. Among the actions carried out was the participation of SIGNIS Mexico in the SIGNIS World Congress, held in Quebec, Canada; the construction of greater ties with SIGNIS and SIGNIS Latin America; and the construction of four specific projects: Public Opinion, Massive Open Online Courses, EcclesiApp and SIGNIS Mexico Joven.

José Luis Espinosa, shared the advances in the constitution of the operative regulation: "During this period, we have worked on a draft operating rule, since it is necessary to regulate the operation of the institution and define rights and obligations as well as a scope in the institutional performance".

In this area, the Board proposed to the members to create a committee for the update of the constitutive parameters, the broadening of the social purpose, the regulations, the standards and the legal reconstruction of the association according to the new requirements of the Mexican legal and fiscal framework.

The treasurer, Carlos Valles, explained the financial report of the association as well as the membership status of SIGNIS Mexico.

Active members of the Assembly approved these bylaws and welcomed new members who join the commitment to work with the media in support of Catholic communicators to transform cultures in the light of the Gospel and promote dignity, human rights, justice and reconciliation.

With regard to the action plan, the board of directors presented three main objectives: institutional consolidation, financing towards self-sufficiency and the impact of the organization through reliable sources and doctrinal rigor.

Inspired by the experiences of SIGNIS and SIGNIS Latin America, the Assembly validated the creation of six working committees, four basic projects and three events, aimed at serving Catholic communicators and communication professionals in Mexico.