Indore, March, 19th, 2018 (Times News Network). A young SIGNIS member has made his mark at International Cannes Film Festival. His latest short film is one of 19 from India that has been shortlisted in the short film corner.

Stanley Hector (23) has directed and produced his sixth short film, which was selected for Cannes film festival. The film entitled “Midnight at 2” was shot and produced in Indore in May 2017 at different locations of the city. The story of the short film revolves around two strangers sharing a moment of profound silence in the balconies of their home at 2am.

“I saw this image of a girl and a guy in separate balconies one above the other, staring at the sky and thought about making a movie with this as a climax scene. I worked with my senior Arjun Bannerjee on a script about a girl and a guy and their lives which brings about this scene,” he said.

His fascination towards the art took birth during a college event where he made promotional videos for his college’s E-Cell (an initiative by National Entrepreneurship Network) and gained instant appreciation for it.

Later, he directed his first short film, ‘Pedal’ which found its place in the Top 10 national submissions of IIT Indore’s cultural fest Fluxus, was selected by Pocket Films, an online YouTube channel for short films promotion and was also nominated in top 5 out of 50 entries in Sutradhar Film Festival, Indore which were sent for judgment to Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. His second short film ‘The Wall’ got screened at SIGNIS Film Festival, Malaysia and Patna. Pocket Films also selected it.

He has attended a 15 days’ media workshop by SIGNIS as ‘Artisans for a New Culture of Peace’ at Phnom Penh, Cambodia in November 2015. In June 2017, he attended the advanced 15 days’ media workshop by SIGNIS called the ‘CommLab’ at Quebec, Canada where he produced a short documentary called ‘Yves’ for a local NGO called, Lauberivière. Currently working at a production house in Mumbai, he is looking forward to making more thought provoking short films before he gathers enough experience to direct his first feature length.