Québec City, June 19th, 2017 (SIGNIS). In 2015, Pope Francis created the new secretariat for communications, headed by Don Dario Vigano, in order to gather the main communications services of the Vatican. Mgr. Lucio Adrian Ruiz, is the “webmaster of the Pope”, and secretary of the new secretariat. Since 1997, he has been responsible of the internet service of the Vatican, then of the department of internet and telecommunications.

In 2013, He already explained that his department was not the only one to guarantee the active presence of the Pope in the media, but that it was also due to the work of the Press center, the CTV, Radio Vatican, and of the Vatican’s journal.

Two years later, all these “supports” were united, after the Pope’s request, in order to respond to the cultural change, explained Msgr. Lucio at the editorial team of Le Quotidien, the daily newspaper of the SIGNIS Congress. “It is a normal evolution, to answer to the challenges of media and the new digital world”. He added “we wanted to work in a simple and efficient way”, and new technologies allow that. Msgr. Lucio uses the word “Hyper reality” to describe the world of today: what is important, is the event, the content, not the media.
About the relationship between SIGNIS and the new Secretariat, he sees a « continuity, a renewal and a strengthening ». We have to re-think our relationship, to make us better. “Together, we will be even stronger to answer to the challenges of the mission of the Church”.