Berlin, March, 22nd, 2017 (FoME). On May 12-13, 2017, a conference on “The power of activist videos”, will be held in Berlin, Germany.

Web videos play a crucial role in the political protests that mobilize today‘s civil society. Spread and shared across social media, they draw attention to a variety of issues, serve as evidence and, ultimately, as a call to action. In the attempt to win viewers’ hearts and minds, various new lm forms and practices are emerging in the networked spaces of the Web 2.0. These new types of videos actively engage their audience by inviting participation, and thus contribute to the formation ofRetour ligne automatique
counterpublics and social movements.

However, the power of web videos remains a contentious issue, as it is often associated with problems such as misuse, deception, ‘clicktivism‘ or surveillance. The conference will bring together international researchers and activists to discuss the political aesthetics, strategies, and impact of these new lm forms – in short, the power of contemporary activist videos.

Organized by Jens Eder (Film University Babelsberg), Britta Hartmann (University of Bonn), Julian Radlmaier (Freie Universität Berlin) and Chris Tedjasukmana (Freie Universität Berlin and University of Art and Design Linz), funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (Research project "Video Activism 2.0 Between Social Media and Social Movements“).

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