Brussels, May, 23rd, 2017 (SIGNIS). Acclaimed film director, Martin Scorsese, has confirmed he will be present to accept an award for his exceptional work in film during the World Congress of SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, which will be held from June 19-22 in Québec City, Canada.

The “Excellence in Film-making” Award will be given for the first time by SIGNIS and the Catholic Press Association of the United States & Canada (CPA), during a shared working day on June 21st, in Québec City.

According to the Boards of SIGNIS and the CPA, Scorsese merits the honour because he has made films that are genuine reflections on human nature, the mystery of evil, and the most transcendent dimensions of life, such as love and sacrifice.

Scorsese will be presented with the Award during the last day of the SIGNIS World Congress, which is the inaugural day of the annual Catholic Media Conference (CMC). Prior to the award ceremony, Mr. Scorsese will discuss his recent feature film, Silence (USA, 2016) with Congress participants after a screening. The film is based on the novel by Shūsaku Endō about the Jesuit missionary martyrs in Japan during the 17th century.

The “Excellence in Film-making” Award celebrates a life dedicated to cinema. In the case of Scorsese, that encompasses more than five decades of constant effort to create films probing the human condition. His body of work reaffirms the multicultural, spiritual, and artistic vision which SIGNIS members celebrate as belonging to the seventh art.

The director of iconic films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas, has built one of the most recognized filmographies in the history of world cinema.

During the SIGNIS World Congress 2017, some of the most celebrated Scorsese films will be screened, including the projection of Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Scorsese, USA, 1974), which received the Commendation of the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1975.

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