Nairobi, May, 18th, 2016 (Africanews/VibeCampo). Vibecampo is a new social network created by six young Kenyans in order to boost the social networking experience of the Kenyan university and college students, as well as to showcase their talents and skills.

It was launched in May 2014, and has now thousands of students from various institutions in Kenya as members.

There are four targeted users for VibeCampo:

• Pre-University Youths - In this segment, VC aims at providing these youths with a chance to make friends with people already in campus, and those yet to join, take part in communities that help them get people who matter to them closer.
• University/College Youths - This is the major population: VC is fit for on campus hypes, communications, and sharing. With VibeCampo Communities, students get to communicate with people with who they share interests, clubs, classes, sports among other commons on campus.
• Post-University/College Youths - Out of Campus does not mean out of VibeCampo. Create and join alumni communities, share insights with buddies back in campus, share and provide opportunities as well as mentor your juniors. VC will also collaborate with organizations in order to be able to provide relevant information on job opportunities, graduate trainee programmes, recruitment drives etc…
• Organizations/Companies and Institutions - The youth are an active population, curious, trendy, highly potential customers and information consumers. This is where these entities come in. Joining the platform as brands, to show case their products and services as well as provide relevant information to the VC community.