Quito, April, 6th, 2017 (SIGNIS-ALC). Catholic communicators from Latin America shared their concerns regarding the situations caused by “abuse of power by the governments who violate human rights”, as well as regarding the consequences of climate change, which creates hundreds of victims in the region. They called on their members to be “managers of a true communication of meaning”. In their final statement (to be read here, in Spanish), the presidents of the national association of SIGNIS Latin America and the Caribbean (SIGNIS-ALC) showed solidarity with the growing violence in Central America, particularly with the situation in Mexico, where "journalists are killed continuously”.

After a 3 days-meeting, catholic communicators expressed their satisfaction and published a common statement. They "echoed the peoples of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, facing their legitimate demands for the constant abuses against the nature of which they are victims.” They also said they were “preoccupied by the tensions caused by social protest in Argentina these last few days”, as well as by the situation in Ecuador.

To deal with these challenges, the representative of the national associations of SIGNIS-ALC urged the communicators of the continent to “take part in the emergence of a true communication with meaning”, that allows “to create networks of fraternal communion and to share the values of the Gospel”.