Brussels, November, 15th, 2017 (SIGNIS). Brazil, the largest country in south America, is also one of the most catholic country in the world. More than 60% of the population is a Catholic. In this context, it is no surprise that Catholic media, and especially televisions and radio stations are very important, and have an audience that could make jealous many other media outlets.

Brazil has 9 Catholic TV stations. All of them are very different, and produce different programmes and shows, but they all collaborate, in order to reach the biggest audience possible.

TV Seculo 21, member of SIGNIS-Brazil, is one of the oldest of the country. Under the presidency of Fr. Eduardo, TV Seculo broadcasts every day since the 1980’s. Every morning, a live Mass is broadcasted, followed by many programmes which have the mission of announcing the gospel of Jesus Christ and educate through the media.

Using the most modern techniques of online marketing, TV Seculo produces content for multiple audiences under the premise of spreading the Gospel.

The station Aparecida is the youngest of them, with an existence of only 12 years, but is already one of the most important. Being the official TV station of the city of Aparecida, which has one of the most popular Cathedral of the country, TV Aparecida has a huge impact. The programmes it broadcasts and produces address many topics, such as sports, education, social issues, or music.

Apart from television, catholic radios are also very important in the giant south American country. Many of them are gathered under the Rede Catolica de Radio, established in 1994. Through this network, small radios have the opportunity to share their programmes, and to reach almost all of the Brazilian regions.

The “media galaxy” of SIGNIS-Brazil touches the whole country and also includes printed media. All the communication projects are multiplatform and include windows of diffusion in printed media, books, comics and, of course, digital media with thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, where their signal is available on streaming.

The president of SIGNIS-Brazil, Joao Romanini, a capuchin friar specialized in communication, directs and presents his own radio show, broadcasted in the radio frequency of Tua Rádio São Francisco, with more than 50 years of broadcasts in the state of Caxias do Sul, in southern Brazil.

This whole set of media and communication projects have managed to lay the foundations for various media collaboration projects, articulated by SIGNIS-Brazil, such as the campaign on the tragedy of Mariana, the biggest natural disaster of recent times in Brazil, and on which developed an intense media campaign, with multiple documentaries and journalistic content for radio, television, press and social networks.

The continent of Catholic communication developed by SIGNIS-Brazil, available on its Internet platforms, is a clear reflection of a professional work, inspired by the mission of SIGNIS, which communicates hope and strengthens the culture of peace in Latin America.