Dodoma, March, 28th, 2017 (Sarah Pelaji, Kiongozi Newspaper TEC). Rev. Gervas Nyaisonga, a Tanzanian Catholic Bishop has urged Tanzanians not be dragged away by the negative influence of Social Media on serious matters which need more attention.

Bishops Nyaisonga said that he has recently experienced a growing tendency among the youth who become emotional especially when discussing political issues on social media. “I fear that the issues discussed in the social media may turn into physical violence if emotions are left to dominate the discussions,” he said adding that “People should not be addicted to social networks and think that they will get solutions to issue at stake through Social Media."

He warned the youth against being manipulated by Greedy politicians who take advantage of their vulnerability for their political gains. “What I insist is self-awareness. Young people should know that they are energetically rich. Their thinking capacity is still sharp. If youth don’t take advantage of your age to develop your skills, politicians will use you negatively. Watch out and take your time to do something constructive,” said Bishop Nyaisonga.

Bishop Nyaisonga was against the current trends of discussion in social media, which make people concentrate much on Facebook and other social networks, rather than their duties and responsibilities officially assigned to them.  

“It has reached a point that people fight against police or a minister, or government etc. through social network. I am telling you, you are wasting your time. Take your time to understand the issues very well before getting into it for the sake of appearing that you are also contributing to a discussion," he said.

Bishop Nyaisonga was reacting on the ongoing political tension dominating in the social media, one group being pro the government and another against the government, a point which he thinks will lead to a further disagreement even on more important public issues.