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SIGNIS supports a great number of projects aimed at the development of Catholic radio. For a lot of people in Africa, Latin America and Asia, radio is still the easiest and most direct means of communication available. SIGNIS is collaborating with international organisations such as AMARC and supplies equipment and training, especially for Africa.

SIGNIS Services Rome (Palazzo San Calisto, Vatican City) ensures the study and the building of radio stations in Africa. It helps in feasability financing, buying equipment, training, instalment of studios, transmitters and aerials.

SIGNIS also organizes a number of radio workshops, especially in Africa (Consultative Seminar of Catholic Radio Networks, Lyon 2005; Workshop for the French-speaking Catholic radios of the CERAO Region, Ouagadougou 2005; SIGNIS-CEPACS Africa Catholic Radio Scriptwriting Competition 2003; Workshop on "Network Services for Catholic Radios in Africa", Cape Town 2003).