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Salesian Communication in America looks to the future

Rome, Brussels, October 12th, 2015 (ANS/SIGNIS/ Andrés Felipe Loaiza, SDB) - Salesian Delegates for Social Communication in the Inter-America region met last month in Peru and those of the Southern Cone of America met in Brazil. Both meetings were led by Fr Filiberto González, General Councillor for Social Communication.

JPEG - 16.6 kb
Fr Filiberto González

The conclusions reached concerned the division of work among the sectors of the Salesian Mission; the formation of Salesians, lay people, parents and young people in new languages and media; clearly articulated policies for those involved in communication; reflection on and implementation of Information Technologies and Communication in schools.

The Social Communication Delegates of the two Salesian Regions of America gathered in two separate meetings to address the overall theme of Social Communication, from the 27th General Chapter to the educative and pastoral situation of the family, the school and the parish. They formulated conclusions for each region and for each province, based on the Salesian Social Communication System.

In the area of animation, it’s necessary to give more attention to the relationship between the sectors of the Salesian Mission, with particular emphasis on Communication and Training, through a project that establishes the formative elements (communication, new languages and media) for the Salesians, lay people, parents and young people.

In the area of information, the delegates from both regions shared their experiences through various channels and drew up a Style Manual, which will allow better targetting of the criteria to raise awareness of the Salesian presence in different media and communication channels.

In the area of Production and business it is critical that media companies (publishers, printing companies, radio, television, production centres...) be articulated in accordance with the communications, economic and pastoral policies of the Congregation.

In the field of Arts and Culture it will be necessary - for those who have not done so yet - to draw up an inventory listing cultural collections of historical and artistic heritage of the Provinces.

Moreover, for some time they have been reflecting on the presence of the Salesians and their employees in social networks, to establish some basic criteria to make the Salesian presence in the media really educational and evangelizing. These criteria were the subject of reflection and will be published later, and studied and disseminated by the Provincial Delegates of Social Communication.
Finally, the promotion of reflection on the use of Information Technologies and Communication in the Salesian Schools in America was noted.

The documents with the conclusions of both regions can be found on this website.


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