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Salesian Social Communication Delegates’ Meeting held in Chofu-Tokyo

Chofu-Tokyo, Brussels, November 23rd, 2015 (SIGNIS/Don Bosco Australian link) The 10 Provincial Delegates for Social Communication of the East Asia Oceania Region came home after four days of discussions, reflection and consensus on matters related to carrying out well the delicate task of being the point of reference regarding Social Communication in the province.

After the introductions and stories about each one’s province, the General Councillor for Social Communication, Fr Filiberto Gonzalez SDB, and his secretary stated the sessions with the Rector Major’s Six Year Programme and emphasis on being like Don Bosco who was using all means possible for evangelization and education.

The Provincial of Japan, Fr Mario Yamanouchi SDB, was also present to receive the participants and listen to some of the various moments of sharing, at the meeting hall, the chapel and the dinning room. The SC team of Japan, led by Fr Yoshiki Sekiya SDB and Mr Mitsuhiro Tateishi, had prepared and facilitated the 4 days of meetings, including the online participation of Fr Albeiro Rodas SDB (Cambodia) via Skype, because he could not be present in this meeting. The Social Communication delegate of the FMA sisters of Japan was also present for a time, adding to the richness of the shared experiences. The familiar atmosphere of the entire meeting helped towards a unanimous agreement on the proposals for several common targets for the succeeding two years. Among the important deliberations were about the Social Media policies to be implemented in one’s province and the translation efforts of the region.

The participants had also unanimously re-elected Fr Bernard Nolasco SDB (FIN) and Br Hilario Seo SDB (KOR) as coordinators of the EAO Provincial Delegates for Social Communication. The Salesians are member of SIGNIS.


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