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Call for Application: filmmaking workshop for youth

Kampala, September, 20th, 2016 (CineLab Akademie). If you want to join the October/November filmmaking training workshop organized by the CineLab Akademie in Uganda, it’s now or never! There are only 10 vacancies available, offerd on first come, first served basis.

The CineLab Akademie is a series of workshops and trainings where youth are equipped with creative audio-visual production skills, and are empowered to become transformers of their own community.

This program is designed to empower the youths (12 -24 years) who are passionate, with talent and have limited or no hope of joining higher institutions of learning/ colleges/ universities; giving them an opportunity to explore their passion and create a pathway for a great future career. Admission is open to all people with or without previous academic qualifications but are very passionate about filmmaking and are willing to further pursue it as a career.

Through this practical training, the trainees are introduced to the techniques of camera handling, story-telling, editing, sound management and offered a chance to bring their own visual imaginations to life.

This program is designed to offer a chance to youths from different backgrounds;
War survivor victims
People with Disabilities
Girls and Women
Refugee youths
Religious/ Faith based institutions
Unreachable rural areas
High Schools

Through the lab/skills based training, this program equip these communities with audio-visual story telling techniques with a participatory video approach to enable the youths to tell their own stories that will impact their own communities and open dialogue with policy makers so as to be part of their community’s development.

Most of these programs are conducted by active members within the film & TV industry from around Africa and are very passionate about nurturing and sharpening youths to become great photographers/ Filmmakers/ Citizen journalists.

To apply and to have more information, please contact the CineLab Akademie here. http://cinelabakademie.wixsite.com/cinelab-akademie/contact


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