SIGNIS Services Rome

SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR, www.signisrome.net) is the technical and pastoral office of SIGNIS in Rome at the Vatican. Its role is to guide and accompany missionary institutions and associations, Catholic and non-governmental organizations in their media projects and the acquisition of new information and communication technologies.

SIGNIS Services Rome
Palazzo San Calisto
Phone: + 39 06 69 88 72 55
Fax: + 39 06 69 88 73 35


Since 2002, SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR), has provided consulting and technical advice in the field of communication technologies for evangelization and development in marginalized areas of the world with little access to media.

SSR works for the reduction of the digital divide by providing Internet services via satellite (VSAT system) to many Catholic communities on the African continent. Its activities also extend into the world of community media (Radio-TV-Web) supporting their creation and development, providing the appropriate technology and all equipment needed for the launch of new radio stations, and for television and audiovisual production, as well as music and audio production.


As a pastoral service , SSR seeks to continuously improve the quality of its services, expanding, where necessary, its scope not only in providing consultancy and technology, but also in educational activities such as workshops, and local and online training.

For this SSR decided to promote, from November 2014, the latest user-friendly technologies for all the media fields in which it operates.

This vision is linked to the current situation of the African continent, the first user of the services of SSR, which in recent years has experienced an increasing level of development of information technologies and telecommunications.


From Vatican City and for over 50 years, we provide a non-profit service in order to promote the values of the Gospel, human rights, peace, interfaith dialogue and human development.


In the last ten years we have helped to launch more than 40 community radio and TV stations in Africa where SSR provides services to more than 20 countries. Through a reliable satellite connection, SRR gives access to the net to more than 100 Catholic groups and non-governmental organizations working in areas where it is difficult to connect including parishes, congregations, universities, schools, radio, seminaries, nunciatures, hospitals, dioceses, missions, NGOs, etc.