Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is one of the core principles of the work of SIGNIS. In a practical way it promotes and supports this principle through its international and national film, television and other media awards.

But cultural diversity also needs to be promoted and defended at the policy level. The new UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005), for example, is a response to the threat to cultural diversity by the globalization of media and cultural products. Decisions taken in world trade talks, by international bodies such as the European Union and by individual countries all have implications for cultural diversity.

Another important aspect of cultural diversity is the relationship among different ethnic and religious groups in different societies. SIGNIS is committed to the promotion of inter-religious dialogue and collaboration, not least through its inter-faith Jury at the Fajr Film Festival in Teheran.

(The text of the UNESCO Convention can be found online here)