The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci File

Welcome to the SIGNIS Da Vinci File.

With so much interest, with so much controversy, it seemed best to ask what SIGNIS could contribute that would be distinctive to the international Catholic association.

SIGNIS is present in about 140 countries worldwide. We have asked members, especially our film reviewers, to send us their reviews as soon as they see the film, so that we will be able to offer opinions from around the world. Since the film opens in so many parts of the world on May 19th, we should be able to file a wide range of reviews.

We have also asked some correspondents to send us an overview of how the film has been reviewed and received in their part of the world, especially by churches and religious groups.


The Da Vinci Code, novel and film, need little introduction. Surfing the internet provides an enormous amount of information, opinion and discussion. Let’s take that for granted.

For those interested in dialogue, we refer readers to www.thedavincidialogue.com. It is being sponsored by Sony, the producers of the film, but they have given Jonathan Bock of Grace Hill Films control over the content without studio interference. You will find a range of opinions on novel and film, on history and theology, on spirituality and Opus Dei.

The SIGNIS file offers:

- an introductory perspective on the relative merits of denunciation, protest and dialogue, by Peter Malone
- an official statement on the film logged soon after the release of the film
- an interview by Sister Rose Pacatte of Jonathan Bock giving his views on the marketing of films to religious audiences with special reference to The Da Vinci Code film
- Reviews and reports from around the world