Books & brochures

List of books and brochures available from SIGNIS, OCIC or Unda publishing.

In English

Voices of Courage, by Angela Ann Zukowski and Frances Ford Plude.

Radio Presence, by Angela Ann Zukowski and Pierre Bélanger.

Cinema Down Under by Peter Malone.

OCIC Awards at Film Festivals and Grand Prix 1947-1966 by Robert Molhant.

Catholics in Cinema: A strange history of fear and passion. Beginnings: 1895 - 1935, by Robert Molhant.

In French

Les catholiques et le cinéma, Une étrange histoire de craintes et de passions. Les débuts: 1895 - 1935 (Catholics in Cinema), by Robert Molhant.

Jésus de Montréal, a parable for our time - Joost Reuten

Les prix de l’OCIC: les Grands Prix, de 1947 à 1966 (OCIC Awards) by Robert Molhant.

Regards sur le cinema Negro-Africain (A look at the Black African Cinema) - A Gardies et P. Hafner

De la morosité à l’espoir , Cinéma, Communication et Développement (From Dullness to Hope, Cinema, Communication and Develoment), by Gaston Roberge.

Soixante-dix ans au service du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel (70 years serving cinema and audiovisual arts) - Léo Bonneville.

In Spanish

Mirada al cine cubano (A look at Cuban cinema) - Walfredo Piñera & María Caridad Cumaná

Cine Espiritualidad (Cinema & Spirituality) - Henk Hoekstra