Cine en Construcción

In the last decades of the 20th century, films from South America found it more and more difficult to be screened in mainstream theatres or television channels. It seemed that all interest for these films, which are picturing the stories, the life and the dreams of this continent, was lost. The rise of a new generation of filmmakers, coming out of local film schools, resulted in a cinema that goes back to the daily life stories of the people of Latin America.

The success encountered by a number of Latin American films in international festivals revived the public’s interest for those points of views, which are multiplying from year to year. Argentina, for example, is witnessing an unprecedented boom of its film production. Which means that today, the main issue faced by this cinema lies at the postproduction and distribution level.

In this perspective, the "Cine en Construcción" project, coordinated by the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine, has succeeded in offering an appropriate contribution to Latin American cinema. If we look at the films selected for this “workshop”, it is clear that this effort is necessary, even essential. To be part of the "Cine en Construcción" selection is a token of quality recognised by producers, distributors, festivals and even the general public.

SIGNIS wants to contribute to this initiative because it meets with its involvement to promote creativity in the audiovisual world.