SIGNIS Services Rome

SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR) evaluates, promotes and provides efficient communication technologies for use in the spreading of Christian and human values, especially in developing countries. The Service has helped launch or set up local radio stations, satellite telephone systems, audiovisual and IT equipment, solar energy systems, computer networks, Internet via satellite using VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals), etc.

The Staff of SSR is:

  • Maria Chiara De Lorenzo - General Manager
  • Ella Cangy - Secretariate
  • Lucio Mascaro – Accountacy and Vsat Sector
  • José Alberto Chavez Del Rio – Radio, TV, IT

SSR provides many services in different areas:

  • Internet: Thanks to the agreement with reliable and highly professional providers, SSR offers internet satellite connection that suits different needs. It is based on the telecommunications system VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)


  • SIGNIS Easy Web: developed to facilitate the creation of specialized websites for radio stations, web tv, online magazines, multimedia, communication centres and Catholic institutions such as parishes, dioceses, universities, schools, training centres and hospitals. With SIGNIS Easy Web the making of websites for Catholic communication institutions will be faster, simpler and certainly cheaper. SSR offers its users the possibility of being mentored throughout the making of a website and provides personalized assistance once the site is built.
  • CINEMA in a BOX is a complete system for film and video projection all in one box. It can be transported easily and allows people to organize screenings and discussions with easy-to-use professional material easy. SSR is also planning to offer in the database of this service, a pre-selection of films chosen by the SIGNIS Cinema desk and divided by themes and multicultural. Introductory files and guides for the debate and reflection will then be available on the website of SIGNIS. The service CINEMA in a BOX includes: Professional HD Projector, Audio system with radio microphone and mixer for debates, BLURAY / DVD and hard drive HD player for projecting any type of format, Widescreen for a true cinema experience
  • TV Studio: Designed with the digital world and online in mind, the kit for television studios offered by SSR is cost-effective but can also produce and organize television content easily in line with world standards.The kit includes a playout system, a system of organization of the schedule and programme content storage in order to create a TV and video production of quality, and which promotes the visual identity of each organization in a professional way. SSR also assists in finding the right transmission systems for the TV signal following the increasing digitization of African television broadcast systems.
  • Music in a Box: Music is an exceptional way to empower young people’s creativity. In addition, many associations and organizations are increasingly seeking the contribution of artists to transmit and raise awareness on social issues, health promotion, human rights but also to evangelize and express their faith. MUSIC in a BOX allows the client to have a high quality recording studio of high quality all contained in a rack box. Its portability allows installation in any environment. Designed by experts, artists can create record and finalize their productions. It includes: A digital mixer and a set of professional microphones for recording vocals and instruments, computers and monitors for all arrangements, editing, production and post production, a master keyboard for electronic arrangements, studio Monitors, set of headphones with their amplifier, sofware for professional recording, editing and mixing .
  • Radio: Radio is the medium of communication for Africa par excellence and reaches every level of society. SSR has provided in Africa complete and ready to use radio studios since the early 80’s. SSR’s new studios will introduce new software for radio programming scheduling on a computer server. Adding an internet connection through VSAT and a streaming service, enables radio stations to use web radio and broadcast globally. Thanks to a VSAT system one can create networks to relay satellite radio thus enabling signal distribution nationally and internationally. SSR also provides advice for all the transmission equipment : transmitters and antennas.
  • Journalism: The reporter kit: This kit is dedicated to all media people and journalists who travel and need to report and edit news or content on the way. This kit facilitates the broadcast of news on radio and tv or just to publish it on the website or social network. It includes: digital audio recorders, a HD video camera, a netbook for editing video and audio, professional headphones, USB keys and hard disk to store all the data and accessories to take your recordings in a difficult acoustic environment.

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