Members and associates

SIGNIS has members or associates in approximately 100 countries in the world. These members are Catholic media professionals working in diverse fields: Public and Catholic television, community radio, communications offices, universities and colleges, video production, media education organizations, film journalism, global communication organizations, etc.

  • In Africa: SIGNIS has national members in 23 countries in Africa, and one regional association: SIGNIS Africa.
  • In Asia: SIGNIS has national members in 18 countries in Asia, and one regional association: SIGNIS-Asia.
  • In Europe: SIGNIS has national members in 20 countries in Europe, and one regional association: SIGNIS-Europe.
  • In Latin America: SIGNIS has national members in 14 countries in Latin America, and one regional association: SIGNIS-ALC
  • In North America: SIGNIS has national members in 2 countries in North America.
  • In the Pacific: SIGNIS has national members in 13 countries in the Pacific, and one regional association: SIGNIS-Pacific.
  • International members: SIGNIS has 12 international members


You can join SIGNIS as a Member or as an Associate.


Major advantages in joining SIGNIS are:


  • To be connected with the six active desks operating in SIGNIS: Journalism, Cinema, TV, Radio, Media Education, Digital
  • The opportunity to participate in SIGNIS, ecumenical or interfaith juries at more than 35 film and television festivals around the world
  • Accreditation and the right to use the SIGNIS name and logo
  • Priority access to the technical services of SIGNIS Services Rome
  • The possibility of receiving letters of recommendation for scholarships, aid agencies or events
  • The creation of partnerships and collaborations with other members
  • Global visibility: promoting your activities through our website, social networks and print publications
  • Access to the largest international network of Catholic communicators
  • Discounts when participating in SIGNIS events
  • For young media professionals: the possibility to take part in the SIGNIS Talent Plus events and training for youth together with media experts


What is the difference between a Member and an Associate?

  • A member has a voting right during the Assemblies, associates do not have this voting right


Who can become a member?

  • National Catholic Associations that bring together institutions and persons that are active in journalism / audiovisual media/media education in a country.
  • International Catholic organizations for communication, which are active in several countries in the world, and which pursue similar goals to those of SIGNIS.


Who can become an associate?

  • Institutions, which are active in a country or part of a country, in connection with a national association for communication, and which pursue similar goals to those of SIGNIS.
  • Persons, who are active in the fields of communication, in connection with a national association for communication, and who pursue similar aims to those of SIGNIS.







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