The activities of SIGNIS in the field of cinema follow those developed by OCIC, the International Catholic Organization for Cinema. OCIC was created in 1928 to co-ordinate the work of Catholics active in the cinema world. The organization built a strong tradition of writing and publishing on film which included reviewing, critique, commentary and evaluation and consumer information that is still very much alive today, in print, on radio and television and on websites and social media. With film journalism and criticism SIGNIS is also integrating the field of cinema into media education.

Many SIGNIS members have published books and theses on academic themes, pastoral activities through cinema and histories of local and national film cultures. Through its dialogue with the broad world of cinema, SIGNIS is a bridge between the Catholic Church and the professionals, making the presence of the Church in the cinema world more credible.

In 1947, OCIC broadened its activities by participating in international juries at film festivals.

Today, SIGNIS organizes SIGNIS, Ecumenical and Interfaith juries in more than 30 film festivals around the world, from the best-known, including Cannes, Berlin, and Venice, to more specialised festivals, including Mar del Plata, Zanzibar, Hong Kong, Fajr (Tehran) and Brisbane. Through this work it offers its members different professional opportunities. It also means that through these festival activities the organization can offer a space of continuous dialogue with Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and members of other religions.

As SIGNIS defends cultural diversity in the media, it is aware of the importance of promoting the cinema and audiovisual productions of those countries or those minorities who are absent or almost unseen in the global media world. It also wants to help give a face to the faceless, to the creativity and to the stories of those who are invisible.

Since the 1990s, Cinema, television, video and digital media have become parts of one interconnected technological and distribution system. SIGNIS cinema activities, therefore, necessarily overlap with its policies in relation to TV and video production as well as the internet and digital social media.

By its presence in the professional cinema world, through international seminars and conferences, the organization of post production competitions for Latin American films, assistance in production, distribution of films through its network of television producers and distributors and conservation of the film heritage, SIGNIS contributes in a concrete way to the development of a cinema aimed towards human and spiritual values.

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SIGNIS gives SIGNIS, Ecumenical and Interfaith Awards in more than 30 film festivals around the world, from the best-known, including Cannes, Berlin, and Venice, to more specialized festivals, including Mar del Plata, Zanzibar, Hong Kong, Fajr (Tehran), and Brisbane. Max Ophuls Edition :44 Dates : 23-29 January 2023 Place : Saarbrucken, Germany Ecumenical Jury web :   Berlin International Film Festival Edition : 73 Dates : 16-26 February 2023 Place : Berlin, Germany Ecumenical Jury web :   Festival Panafricain du Cinéma et de la Télévision de Ouagadougou Edition : 28 Dates  : 24 February/4 March 2023 Place : Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso SIGNIS Jury web :   Fribourg International Film Festival Edition : 37 Dates : 17-26 March 2023  Place : Fribourg, Switzerland Ecumenical Jury web :   Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine Edition : 34 Dates  : 24 March-2 April 2023 Place  : Toulouse, France SIGNIS jury web :   Festival cinema Africano Asia e America latina Edition : 32 Dates  : May 2023 Place : Milano, Italy SIGNIS jury web :   Fajr International Film Festival Edition : 40 Dates : May 2023 Place : Teheran, Iran Inter-religious Jury web : BAFICI Buenos Aires Festival international de cine independiente Edition : 24 Dates : May 2023  Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina SIGNIS Jury web :   Visions du Réel Festival International du Cinéma Edition  : 54 Dates : 21-30 April 2023 Place: Nyon, Switzerland Inter-religious Jury web :   International Short Film Festival Oberhausen Edition : 69 Dates : 26 April-1 May 2023  Place : Oberhausen, Germany Ecumenical Jury web :   International film Festival Washington DC Edition  : 37 Dates : June 2023 Place : Washington DC, USA SIGNIS Jury web :   Festival de Cannes Edition  : 76  Dates  : 16-27 May 2023 Place : Cannes, France Ecumenical Jury web :   Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival Edition : suspended Dates : June 2021 Place : Kiev, Ukraine Ecumenical Jury web :   International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents Edition : 63 Dates : 1-7 June 2023 Place : Zlin, Czech Republic Ecumenical Jury web :   FINCA Festival internacional de cine ambiental édition : 6 Dates : June 2023 Place : Buenos Aires, Argentina SIGNIS Jury web :   Zanzibar International Film Festival Edition  : 26 Dates  : July 2023 Place  : Zanzibar, Tanzania SIGNIS jury web :   Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Edition : 57  Dates  : July 2023 Ecumenical Jury Place : Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic web  :   Divercine : International Film Festival for Children and Young People Edition : 32 Dates : August 2023 Lieu : Montevideo, Uruguay SIGNIS Jury web :   Locarno Film Festival Edition : 76 Dates  : 2-12 August 2023  Place : Locarno, Switzerland Ecumenical Jury web :   Festival de Cine de Lima Edition : 26 Dates : August 2023 Place : Lima, Peru SIGNIS Jury web :   Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica Edition  : 80 Dates : September 2023 Place  : Venizia, Italy SIGNIS Jury web  : CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival Edition : 18 Dates : 9-17 September 2022  Place : Miskolc, Hungary Ecumenical Jury web :   San Sebastian Film Festival Edition : 70° Dates : 16-24 September 2022 Place : San Sebastian, Spain SIGNIS Jury web :   Religion Today Edition : 26 Dates : September 2023 Place : Trento, Italy SIGNIS Jury web :   Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience Edition : 27 Dates : 8-15 October 2022 Place : Chemnitz, Germany Ecumenical Jury web :   Warsaw International Film festival Edition : 38 Dates : 8-17 October 2022 Place : Warsaw, Poland Ecumenical Jury web :   FENAVID Festival internacional de cine de Santa Cruz Edition : 22 dates : October 2022 Place : Santa Cruz, Bolivia SIGNIS Jury web :   Atlantidoc Festival internacional de cine documental de Uruguay Edition : 16 Dates : 16-30 October 2022 Place : Uruguay SIGNIS Jury web :   DOK Leipzig Edition  : 65 Dates : 17-23 October 2022 Place : Leipzig, Germany Inter-religious Jury web :   Film Festival Cottbus Edition : 32 Dates : 8-13 November 2022 Place: Cottbus, Germany Ecumenical Jury web :     Festival du film Lumières d’Afrique Besançon Edition : 22 Dates  : 5-13 November 2022 Place: Besançon, France SIGNIS Jury web :   Popoli e Religioni Edition : 24 Dates :  12-20 November 2022 Place : Terni, Italy SIGNIS Jury web :     Mar del Plata International Film Festival Edition  : 37 Dates : 3-13 November 2022  Place  : Mar del Plata, Argentina SIGNIS Jury web :   International Film Festival Mannheim & Heidelberg Edition : 71 Dates : 17-27 November 2022 Place  : Mannheim & Heidelberg, Germany Ecumenical Jury web :   FALUDI International Film Festival and photo competition Edition  : 25 Dates : 16-19 November 2022  Place : Budapest, Hungary Ecumenical Jury web :   FIDBA Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Buenos Aires Edition : 10 Dates : 2-11 December 2022 Place : Buenos Aires, Argentina SIGNIS Jury web :   Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano Edition  : 43 Dates  : 1-11 December2022 Place : Havana, Cuba SIGNIS Jury web :   Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival Edition : 23 Dates : Hanuka 18/26 décembre 2022 Place : Jerusalem, Israel SIGNIS Inter-Faith Prize web :                              
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The organization built a strong tradition of writing and publishing on film which included reviewing, critique, commentary and evaluation and consumer information. With film journalism and criticism, SIGNIS is also integrating the field of cinema into media education. Here is a glimpse of who our "Critics Team" is:
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SIGNIS has Juries in different festivals in the world, but we also promote and highlight film festivals that we find interesting for our community.
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