<strong>Italian Director wins SIGNIS Prize at Filmfest DC</strong>

Italian Director wins SIGNIS Prize at Filmfest DC

(SIGNIS North America). At the 2022 Washington DC International Film Festival (Filmfest DC), the SIGNIS Prize was awarded to the film The Right to Happiness (Il diritto alla felicità), written and directed by Claudio Rossi Missimi (Italy, 2021). The heart of this gentle fable, told with cinematic skill and good humor, is a small used bookstore in a small town in Italy. Writer-director Claudio Rossi Massimi skillfully characterizes an elderly proprietor, Libero, who welcomes all customers with dignity and humanity no matter their politics, eccentricities or income. Especially in his mentoring of a young immigrant from Burkino Faso, he (and the film) celebrates the world of the mind and the centrality of culture in making life worth living.   The 2022 SIGNIS Filmfest DC jury members were Frank Frost, Mary Frost, Robert Kanner. The festival in 2022 was a hybrid affair, with some films in theaters, some only on streaming. The jury worked virtually, with access to all films. For more information about the festival, visit
                                <strong>Catholic Media Conference to be held in Portland this summer</strong>

Catholic Media Conference to be held in Portland this summer

(CMC) Catholic journalists, media professionals and communicators will gather in Portland this summer to re-connect, update their skills and refresh with those who share in the mission of communicating the Good News. The Catholic Media Conference is scheduled for July 4-7, 2022, in Portland, United States, with in-person, virtual and hybrid registration options this year.  Featuring 12 workshops, 8 roundtables and 2 master camps, the conference offers many opportunities for attendees to enhance their professional development and take their organization to the next level. In addition, they will learn from journalism, communications, digital media, and advertising and business experts. The Catholic Media Conference celebrates the positive impact of individuals and publications for their contributions to the Catholic press. The purpose of the Catholic Press Awards is to acknowledge the outstanding work of its Publisher and Communication members as they strive to further the mission of the Church. On a daily basis they inform, inspire and educate readers keeping them connected to their faith, and telling the story of the Church. The Catholic Press Awards Banquet is the culmination of the conference, where they celebrate those recognized through these awards. For more information, visit