Montreal, September 3, 2012 (SIGNIS/Interfilm) - The Ecumenical Jury at the Montreal World Film Festival 2012 awarded its Prize to Closed Season (Ende der Schonzeit) by Franziska Schlotterer, a German Israeli coproduction.

"The film takes a fresh approach to issues related to Nazi Germany. In the early 1940s, David, a Jewish German, is attempting to escape across the border A farmer from the Black Forest finds him and shelters him in his barn. Childless, the farmer asks David to impregnate his wife. This setting is the background within which the complexity of humanity is revealed in all characters, with new beginnings supplementing human failures. The title of the film is particularly apt: "Closed season" (Schonzeit) is the season of protection for animals when no hunting is allowed; the close of Schonzeit opens the time of hunting. It applies at various levels: David's protection ends with betrayal, the closure of emotions ends with vulnerability and openness."

A Commendation was given to Dearest (Anatae), directed by Yasuo Furuhata from Japan.

"A new widower must deal with the final request of his wife to take her ashes to a distant town. His journey leads him to accept the flow of life; the film illuminates the transcendent dimensions of life and human relationships."

The Ecumenical Prize recompenses movies which show artistic merit, the exploration of ethical, social and spiritual values that make life human. The word « ecumenical » refers to the fact that this jury is jointly sponsored by both Protestant and Catholic international organizations for cinema: INTERFILM ( and SIGNIS (

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