Rome, February 26, 2014 (SIGNIS) -The SIGNIS World Congress turned its attention to the Middle East with a powerful panorama on the situation of Christians in the region.

Jacques F. El Kallassi of Lebanon, General Manager of Tele Lumiere, the main SIGNIS partner for the cancelled Beirut Congress, got his message across to the audience: the Christians in the Middle East are not a minority, they are part of the universal Church, and they should not be left alone in their struggle for peace.

“Christians in the Middle East live in permanent fear”, said Jacques El Kallassi, “but the risk in not acting is much greater than the risk in acting.” Citing the example of the Arab spring, he highlighted the role media and social networks, in particular the growing network of Tele Lumiere and Noursat, can play by “creating images and stories for peace to give people opportunities to see that living together is possible.”

His complete presentation can be downloaded here.