California, May, 15th, 2018 (Rose Pacatte). On May 4th, 2018 Sr. Rose Pacatte, F.S.P. received a Doctorate of Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA. Her area of concentration was in film and pastoral communication and her doctoral project was a textbook for undergraduate university students entitled, “To Seek God’s Face: Theological Approaches to Film.”

Sr. Rose told SIGNIS that her doctoral project, a textbook, “takes object, inspiration and point of departure from a statement by Andre’ Bazin (1918 – 1958), the great French film critic and a Catholic, ‘Cinema has always been interested in God.’”

In her project Rose considers why the study of theology and mainstream film is relevant to Christians and interesting to seekers and non-believers who search for transcendence and meaning. Through praxis-informed theological frameworks and several examples of how to apply these, Rose provides existing and emerging ways to approach film and to engage in “doing” theology and film. These approaches can be practiced individually and as a group or community thus pushing the limits of an understanding of pastoral communication as counseling or a one-on-one endeavor. The educational or pastoral methodology underpinning the project is one of dialogue and respect for each person’s subjective interpretation of a film’s meaning.

The President of the Graduate Theological Foundation, Kendra E. Clayton, Ed.D. recognized Sister Rose’s doctoral project by awarding the institute’s Mother Teresa Prize in Spirituality and Community Service, a $500.00 gift for further study through the Graduate Theological Foundation. Clayton said that Rose’s project was an “excellent piece of work worthy of recognition.” During the Graduation Convocation on May 3rd, Sr. Rose was invited to give a short talk to the graduates about her project.

Sister Rose has a M.Ed. in Media Literacy from the University of London and has co-authored several books on media literacy as well as scripture and film with Peter Malone, MSH, who heads the cinema desk for SIGNIS. Rose has been the film critic for St. Anthony Messenger ( magazine for fifteen years and film and television contributor to the National Catholic Reporter ( since 2009. Rose first became involved in SIGNIS (OCIC and Unda-USA) in 1988.